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 Quotes from upto 5 Suppliers  Compare Designs & Prices  Save Time & Money

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Connecting smart canopy buyers & reputable sellers since 2007

Get Quotes from upto 5 Suppliers  Compare Designs & Prices  Save Time & Money
CanopyXchange is the original convenient and easy way online to buy a new (or used) bakkie canopies! 

How does this work?

Complete the short online quote request form and we will match your requirement with up to 5 bakkie canopy suppliers in your area. CanopyXchange will connect you to the right suppliers - whether you are looking to purchase a new, refurbished or used bakkie canopy, sell your used bakkie canopy, or even simply looking for spares and/or repairs. Comparing design styles and pricing becomes easy, saving you time & money!

Why is this service free?

This service is 100% free to consumers, no strings. Our service is supported by the bakkie canopy industry that  makes it possible for us to offer this service to consumers absolutely FREE. When using this service you are under no obligation to accept any product offering. Please refer to our
 Terms of Use for more info.
How long will this take?

Suppliers will receive notification of your request for quotations in real-time, so you could start receiving competitive quotes from suppliers within minutes. However, our agreed supplier service level is 24 hours.
Is your personal information safe?

Absolutely! In short - CanopyXchange (and our suppliers) will not send you any spam, unsolicited or otherwise duplicative emails. For those interested in the fine print, please read our Privacy Policy.

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